10 Most Popular Pages on TheUniversityBlog in 2009

Since we’re into a new year, let’s have a retrospective!  Two lists of ‘Top Posts’ from TheUniversityBlog and then a bit of banter surrounding my carbon footprint and the efforts I’m making for 10:10.

First off, below are the 10 most visited articles that I published in 2009.  Thanks for reading!

10 Top Posts of 2009

10. 10 Amazing LipDub Videos

I love LipDub. Here’s an introduction for those who haven’t fallen for it yet.

9. 5 Reasons why you don’t get the most out of your degree

The initial months went well. So what problems do you face further down the line?

8. Graduate Tax – A better alternative to tuition fees?

This post has grown in popularity in the last couple of months. As more people call on political parties to open up the debate on Higher Education funding, I ask if a graduate tax is a more reasonable alternative to the prospect of higher tuition fees.

7. Free EBook – Fresher Success

One of my bigger projects for 2009 was my EBook for new university students, Fresher Success.  While most visits come from the main EBook page, the initial post when I first launched the free book is still popular.

6. List of Over 60 Student Unions on Twitter

If you’re not already following your SU, check this list and find out what your SU is communicating!

5. Make Time For Time Series

I don’t often run a series of articles on here. Perhaps I should. I’ve only included one post in the Top 10, which links to all parts of the series. If I put all the views together for all 6 parts, it would easily be the most visited of the year.

4. 26 Sharp Essay Tips

Only published in December 2009, this post has already become one of the most visited posts of 2009.  Anyone would think you all have to write essays or something…

3. Student Experience Survey – Which uni is right for you?

TheUniversityBlog is mainly aimed at current students (from Fresher to nearly graduated). But I sometimes post for students who are not yet at uni.  One of the most popular posts in 2009 is about choosing the right university.

Go to an open day, get to see what goes on at the universities you’re considering. It’s the best way of gauging that ‘feeling’ we’re all looking for when making our choices.

2. 10 Tips to boost your self-esteem

I’ve always been a pretty positive person, even through difficult times.  But self-esteem is about more than positive thinking, as I explain in this post.

1. Alcohol – 18 Tips to Tame the Spirits

Another big surprise…not! It seems that a lot of you want advice on how to drink less, or even how to ignore alcohol completely.  The most popular post of 2009 does just that.  And if that isn’t enough, you should also read my post from a month ago, Enjoy yourself without getting drunk.