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University is genuinely like a universe, no matter how big or small your institution is. It has just about anything you could imagine going on, whether it’s interesting or boring, happy or sad, quick or time-consuming. You’re never going to experience it all, but the things you do have time for will help shape what you do while you’re there and, ultimately, who you become when you get off the ride.

My name is Martin ( @theuniversityblog.co.uk ) and I rather like higher education. If I can find an angle on the academic, I’m interested.  I’ve been embracing academia since before I was even a student.

I love higher education and want to help you love it too. No university would be the same without YOU, the students. It’s important to #loveHE because the more you shine, the more the university shines. They help you and you help them. Lovely, eh?

Yes, we’re in a world of high fees and no guarantees, but that’s all the more reason to grab every drop of goodness from the uni universe.

And there’s so much out there. My aim is to advise, inform, inspire, and help you get a little bit extra from your time at uni. If just one of my posts helps to make just a slight improvement to just one person on just one day of their life, then it’s a worthwhile job.

You can expect:

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