10 Most Popular Posts of All Time on TheUniversityBlog

If you’re new to TheUniversityBlog, or if you’re just curious to know, here are 10 of the posts (other than any mentioned in my previous post) that receive most visits:

10 Most Popular Posts of All Time

10. Your Money: 7 Things To Do as a Student

What you should do to make the most of your cash.  Budget and win!

9. Science vs. Art

A tongue-in-cheek post that’s still going strong since I published it in March 2008.  It seems to stir the emotions of many and still gets the occasional comment. In the fight between science and art, do we really need to choose?

8. Get it Done: 20 Tips & 20 Links to Eliminate Procrastination

You needn’t go anywhere else to stamp out procrastination. If you do, how much of it is an excuse to put things off? 😉

7. 5 Qualities to Successful Leadership Through NOT Leading

Listen, Give, Volunteer, Participate & Ask for opinions.

6. “Are you calling me soft?” – Treating university as a whole package

“You can study a more traditional subject, yet come out of uni after a few years having experienced and developed less than a committed student on a course that you believe to be ‘Mickey Mouse’.”

5. Turning Smalltalk into Bigtalk: 7 ways to find things to talk about

Making conversation has never been so easy…

4. Exam Success – Top Tips From Brilliant Blogs

Some of the best advice, as given by authors of great personal development and student blogs.

3. Swing straight back into uni life

Written to welcome students back after a Christmas break, here’s how to get the most out of uni from the moment you start again.

2. From university to dream job: Succeed like Radio 1’s Greg James

Every day I get visitors who search for “Greg James” and get this page.  While I think many searchers are looking for photos of Mr. James, I’m pleased to see that some visitors stick around and view other pages on the site. Success!

1. 7 tips to top sleep, 3 tips for staying awake

My most visited article of all time by a long, long way; thanks mainly to several popular stints on social bookmarking websites. It still gets regular visits today.

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