Least Visited Posts & Why They Matter

There are nearly 400 posts here on TheUniversityBlog.  They get a varied amount of attention, from tens of thousands of visits to just a few hundred.

I’ve already mentioned the most visited posts here, but what about the less fortunate articles?

Here are 6 posts looking for a little bit of love.  They may currently be neglected, but please give them consideration.  Why?  Because…:

Kill Conflict Dead

Because… In an increasingly ‘instant’ world, we regularly act before thinking.  Please, let’s think before acting.

Why even your independence goes through a dependent phase

Because… You believe everything you read.  Once you accept this natural behaviour, it’s easier to move on and develop your critical thinking, which is so important for effective study.

Don’t let minor issues slow you down

Because… The world doesn’t change in a flash, but your thoughts can.  Are you willing to spoil your day by giving the trivial importance?

Be inspired, no matter what the situation

Because… You should “Enquire Within Upon Everything”.

Thinking traps and trapped thinking

Because… Flaws need to be recognised before you can do anything about them.

Controlling ‘valid disruptions’

Because… Disruptions aren’t always unwelcome, even if they are disruptive. You just need to be able to self-regulate and limit the extent to which you’re distracted.

Image credit: original by artwork_rebel (cc)