Science vs. Art

photo by magstefan

Science is about fact…until it’s no longer a fact.
Art is about arguing meanings, feelings, and contesting views.

Science is about understanding the world, what’s in it, what’s beyond it.
Art is about searching within, expanding the world, and determining perceptions.

Science is about natural order.
Art is about justification of thought.

Science is about advancing, moving forward, discovery.
Art is about searching, moving in all directions, discovery.

Science is about reason and development.
Art is about reason and development.

Science is creative.
Art is creative.

Science is about discovering significance.
Art is about giving significance.

Science is about forming probabilities.
Art is about endless possibilities.

Science doesn’t need Art, but it likes having Art around.
Art doesn’t need Science, but it likes having Science around.

You know, I don’t see what all the fuss is about Science vs. Art.  They just both want to get along.

[Update: In The Guardian, Tim Radford agrees.]

[Update: I saw this on Presentation Zen

‘Science or art? A ridiculous choice. The arts and sciences are connected. And our mission, says Dr. [Mae] Jemison, is to reconcile and reintegrate science and the arts. Both the arts and the sciences, says Dr. Jemison, are not merely connected but manifestations of the same thing — they are our attempt to build an understanding of the universe, and our attempt to influence things (things in the universe internal to ourselves and the universe external to ourselves). “The arts and sciences are avatars of human creativity — [they] are our attempt as humans to build an understanding of the world around us….”‘]


  1. Hi Martin, I’m with you on this one. I’m a Sports Scientist so believe that science underpins sporting movement, but there is definitely an art to perfecting the same movements.

    The term kinaesthetic awareness is perfect for describing this…”the ability of the body to receive and respond to stimuli, knowing which part of the body is moving, where it is moving and how it is moving.”

    Let them live in harmony I say.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you, Daniel.

    I studied English while my wife studied Biology. And we get on just great. What more proof is needed?

    By the way, I like your workout/training site. You have yourself a new feed subscriber.

  3. You’re clearly an arts student. Well, most of the statements are false and blatently biased.

  4. Thanks for your comment, John. Can you elaborate further?

    The post is only a light-hearted piece. But I do believe Science and Art want to get along. Come on, let’s shake hands!

  5. Does it really matter which discipline is better. Neither are guaranted to put money in your pocket so I don’t see why their is competition. People should study what it is they want to study and not something which is persieved to be a difficult subject.

    1. @Grant, that’s fair enough. As a light hearted post, it wasn’t meant to cover all the arguments or be particularly conclusive…just open up a bit of a conversation. I’d love for you to add your perspective to the comments. What’s your take?

  6. Only an art student would view art and science as equals.
    Art programs are for kids that couldn’t make it into any other faculty.

    1. I’ve said all I need to say on that in the comments already. Still, thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts, Matthew.

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