Worries that don’t go away…and how to make them go away

How different is it to be a student now compared to five years ago? Ten years? Twenty years?

The world continues to change. Your experiences are shaped by advances in technology. What you take for granted today may not have existed when you were born.

But how different are your worries compared to previous years?

Feeling anxious? (photo by jαγ △)

Feeling anxious? (photo by jαγ △)

A YouthInsight poll of more than 1,500 students has asked current students and this year’s uni applicants about their anxieties about campus life. Times Higher Education reports on the top five concerns as:

  1. Money (63%)
  2. Difficulties settling in (50%)
  3. Trouble making friends (48%)
  4. Getting on with flatmates (44%)
  5. Too much partying/drinking (22%)

There is nothing new in this list. And it’s understandable that you’d be worried about these things. For many, stepping on campus for the first time is also the first time away from the family home. The first time you’re fending for yourself in a major way.

If any of these matters are causing you anxiety, check out these links from the archives…


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Many of your worries may be similar to others around you. The cliché goes that you’re all in the same boat when you start university. Cliché or not, that means you’re all trying to make sense of what’s new. And that’s not always easy.

Remember, you’re not getting it wrong. You’re exploring and discovering. The awesomeness can take time.

It’s worth the wait. 🙂

How many calories in that pint?

You may be drinking more units of alcohol than you think.

And you’re almost certainly drinking more calories than you think…

photo by jenny downing

photo by jenny downing

A study at the University of Sussex asked participants to pour measures of alcohol and asked how many units the measures contained. Nearly two-thirds of the participants underestimated the total number of units in the drinks they had poured.

If you think that’s worrying, wait until you read how many calories each drink contains.

Emily Clark says in Student Direct that her housemate, “drank 511 calories; 6 units – the equivalent of 1.7 burgers”. Clark says that would need a 51-minute run to burn those calories off.

I hope those 6 units of alcohol have been accurately counted, because the calorific content may be even higher, if the Sussex study is anything to go by.

One bottle of WKD or a single pint of lager contain roughly 250 calories. That one drink alone is 10% of the recommended intake of calories per day for an average man (12.5% for an average woman). Three drinks later and you’ve enjoyed a third of your daily intake.

It’s easy to forget that drink is part of your daily intake, just the same as food. When you’re trying to maintain a balanced diet, remember the impact on your body when you enjoy a few pints out.

You may have heard people say that a pint of Guinness is like a meal. Maybe all alcohol is like a meal. How many portions will you enjoy tonight…?

EduLinks – 09 September 2011

Alcohol – 18 Tips to Tame the Spirits

Almost every university student drinks alcohol at some point.  Not everyone enjoys it, but most get on with drinking it anyway.

It doesn’t matter how detached you may be from the rituals and initiations that some clubs and societies put upon their new recruits.  Even some of the stronger spirited (no pun intended!) objectors can be pressured into drinking more than they’d like on occasion.

photo by stranded starfish

photo by stranded starfish

But there’s no need to get completely bungalowed […if you’ve never seen the fantastic Michael Macintyre, you’re missing out].  Whether you’re a teetotaller, an occasional drinker, or simply in need of slowing down your current excessive intake, take the following tips into account and give your liver (and your shrinking bank balance) a break: