Hazing in the UK: “I’d like a pint of vodka with my cup of tea…and I’ll drink it naked.”

Hazing is a term known in the US, but not generally one used here in the UK. It’s all about initiations into clubs and societies. It’s not usually pleasant and it has occasionally involved death.

A report has been released that suggests over half of all college students in the US have experienced hazing when involved in clubs and societies.

But what’s it like in a British uni?

From my experience, the nearest you’d get to an initiation was drinking until you’d collapsed and/or running around campus naked. And it wasn’t exactly compulsory. It may have been encouraged and frowned upon if you didn’t join in (peer pressure, here we come), but it rarely moved towards out and out bullying.

Maybe I’ve lived a sheltered life…

Of course, sometimes it went too far. Yet the same can be said for drinking games, nights out, and so on. Most of us have, at times, gone a bit too far when having fun, joining in, getting over excited, and being pressured by peers. It’s not good, but it isn’t known for doing much harm in the long run.  What are your thoughts?

Wherever in the world you’re reading, have you experienced hazing, organised any initiations, or heard any stories of pranks that went wrong?

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