Avoid having your drink spiked

Yesterday, as I was looking around The Student Room, I found a post about the dangers of having your drink spiked.

Basically, I thought it wise to post on here today the advice I gave on the forum.

In any drinking environment, there are always risks that your drink could be tampered with or spiked. Whether with pills or with a few shots of vodka that you might not notice after you’ve already had a few drinks, it’s always possible. So here are a few tips to staying as safe as you can:

  1. Don’t accept drinks from strangers.
  2. Buy your own drinks. Try not to rely on others to get them in.
  3. Don’t share drinks.
  4. Don’t leave your drink unattended, even for a short amount of time. If you absolutely MUST (and I don’t think the toilet is often a MUST), then only ever ask a close friend if they can look after your drink. It’s still not a totally safe option, though.
  5. Don’t drink too much in the first place.
  6. Stay with friends so that you can get home properly with them. If you’re feeling unusually sick or drowsy, don’t try getting home on your own. Ask a close and trusted friend to look after you and help you get home. If the situation is bad, it may also need reporting.
  7. Men need to be just as aware of the problem of spiking as women. It can happen to ANYONE.
  8. I’ll repeat that. It can happen to ANYONE. You’re not immune and you can’t believe you’ll be one of the lucky ones. Neither should you bury your head in the sand and deal with any problems as and when they arise.

These websites may give you more tips, information and ideas on how to stay safe:


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