EduLinks – Random Links of Note

Including linkage to the news of schools and unis linking up…and seemingly a bit more comment from me than usual. Good luck!

Department for Innovation, Universities & Skills – Press Release: Government calls on universities to partner schools to tap into talent [Their official Prospectus is also linked on the release. I’m still trying to get my head around this and can’t help thinking there are too many words and not enough solid evidence for anything. My thoughts may well turn into an article of some sort, so watch this space…]

The Guardian – Leading universities urged to forge links with academies [Another article describing what’s been announced, rather than analysing it a great deal. I imagine there will be a lot more analysis from commentators in the near future.]

The Independent – Oxbridge survey is no surprise [Lots of elite independent schools succeed in sending high numbers of their students to Oxbridge. Of course they would…it’s hardly surprising. However, the article concludes, “we need now to concentrate on improving the opportunities of those who don’t have well-heeled and well-informed parents”. This is what the uni/school collaborations are looking to tackle, so would it work?]

Daily Mail – How the irregular verb is being ‘drived’ to extinction [While I can certainly see this happening over time, I don’t agree with the choice of words likely to change and those likely to remain the same. I’m sure the researchers have got many reasons behind the choices, while I’m only considering my own experiences of said words. Drinked…Drawed…Breaked…I’ve heard them said plenty times over the years. I think there’s a chance those words will change too. Still, see what you think.]

Spiked – Why greens don’t want to ‘solve’ climate change [A great piece by James Woudhuysen, a professor at De Montfort Uni. I hadn’t given much time to his argument, but I’m sure it’s at least partially true.]

BBC News – Concern over ‘student call girls’ [Seems a bit of a non-story to be honest. Cambridge University’s student magazine has spoken to one person who claims to have earned money as a call-girl to fund an expensive lifestyle. Not quite a shocking story of half the student population turning to prostitution to help pay back their loans…]