EduLinks – Random Links of Note

The Guardian – Cambridge’s young ambassadors [This is great stuff. There should be more outreach in this way. Funny that I found this at the same time as searching for info on this morning’s post on schools linking up with universities.] – 7 Tips for Writing Exam Essays [Not only a great article, but also check out the comments below the piece by Nathan Ketsdever. He adds even more help. It’s a very useful article to bookmark for nearer the time to when you’ve got loads of exam essays to write.] – Meta-Notes: Notes About Your Notes = Success on Exams and Papers [Again, another great and helpful article that has even more help in the comments too, this time by Riley. Blogs are great!]

VOTE GIDEON (Travis Addington) @ SCHOLASTICI.US…I have, have you? [If you like, like I do, then get voting for Gideon to win the 2007 Blogging Scholarship.]

The Independent – Walking isn’t enough to keep you fit, say experts [Let’s get physical.]

The Independent – Sit down, switch off, zone out: the ultimate stress buster [Just chill.]

The Independent – Brian Viner: Rudeness: you just can’t get away from it [Click on the link, you idiot!]

Hero – Giving Something Back [If you love uni, tell everyone about it.]

BBC News – Students teaching the teachers [Getting technical, faced with the eMentors.]

New Scientist – The appendix: good for something after all

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