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Embarrassment May Come Before Impressive. That’s Great! – TUB-Thump 031



I had stuff going on in the house. I was looking after the baby. I wanted a cup of tea.

“The kitchen has a lot of echo,” I thought. “What a perfect time to record an episode of TUB-Thump.”

The idea was to hit record on the device in my pocket and start talking about how easily we can do whatever we want.

It doesn’t always feel easy.

Sending a photo or video to a mate on Snapchat seems easier than publishing a video to the whole world. Having a conversation about your interests is okay in private, but it’s another thing to broadcast it globally.

Or is it?

Episode 31 of TUB-Thump is simply a nudge in the right direction for you to start your quest for awesomeness today.

Don’t let a lack of professional resources and equipment stop you.

Reid Hoffman, who founded LinkedIn, said:

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

Let the embarrassment in, otherwise you may not let anything out.

And the world needs you. We need you, darn it! Even if you’re busy being responsible for a little human being and you’re standing in a kitchen with an echo.

Here are the show notes for the 4-min episode:

  • 00:50 – Reaching out, publishing content, creating a portfolio…It’s all possible today. The entry requirements are very little.
  • 01:30 – If I can record in a kitchen with an echo, on a phone or entertainment device, when holding a baby, what production value issues are stopping you?
  • 02:00 – Production values don’t matter at first. The better they are, that’s great. But the bigger deal is creating value and being present.
  • 02:30 – What can you do today? Perhaps you’ve been putting it off or you think you need a better setup before you start. Bottom line…You can probably do it now.

Music for TUB-Thump is Life, by Tobu, which is released under a Creative Commons license. Check out more of Tobu’s great sounds on Soundcloud, YouTube, and his official site.

TUB-Thump is part of the Learning Always Network.

Keep being awesome!