Be inspired, no matter what the situation

Now you’re graduating/finishing the year/on your way to uni after the summer, I thought I’d give you some purposefully broad, positive points for you to think about over the weekend.

Enquire Within Upon Everything (photo by adactio)

From the image above, we can gain inspiration from many things.  Just the title of the book in the photo should be enough to spur you on:

Enquire Within Upon Everything

Adactio on Flickr (who took the photo and who kindly places it under a Creative Commons license) says that the book is a Victorian guide to life.

“When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, he briefly toyed with the idea of calling it Enquire Within Upon Everything”

I can fully understand why.  However, I’m not sure we’d like putting ‘EWUE’ in front of web addresses, as opposed to ‘WWW’…

Anyway, here are 10 more actions to help inspire you, wherever you currently stand:

  1. Enjoy every moment, naturally.
  2. Dare to do it.
  3. Focus on your whole life’s achievements, not just the courses you study.  Your future is based on you, not on a piece of paper.
  4. If you’re not doing it yet, start right now!  Leave your excuses for yesterday and you’ll never see them again.
  5. Think ‘people’, not ‘job’.  Think ‘community’, not ‘task’.
  6. Embrace the here and now.  Look forward to the future, but don’t get bogged down in plans.  The only place you’re ever at is RIGHT NOW.
  7. Develop your skills on a rolling basis…unless you’re plain lucky, you’re not going to hit the top at the start, so enjoy every task you put your mind to and always focus on your personal and professional development.
  8. Network in creative ways.  Even if you’re not from Oxbridge or similar, who’s to say you can’t easily build a powerful set of contacts?
  9. Read.  Properly read.  And that includes books.  We’re evolving to the point of becoming skim-readers and gluttons for potted-histories.  When was the last time you casually sat down and read something totally stimulating?
  10. The sky may be the limit, but why not also focus around the immediate area and realise all the things that you hadn’t even noticed before?  With this attitude you can never get bored.

I hope you find something here to get you thinking and keep you going.  Would you like me to expand on any of the broad points I’ve raised here?  Let me know.  And what experiences have you had in the past that sent you into a positive frenzy?

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