Creative talent…help me choose!

I’ve been asked to help find a student with a great creative talent.  That student could win big.

Next Generation Talent is a competition sponsored by Panasonic that will award one person a 42-inch High Definition TV, HD Camcorder, digital camera and Blu-ray player.  On top of that, they’ll get a 2-week placement at a creative agency and a portfolio review.  Not bad going.

To enter, students around the country were asked to submit an advert for Panasonic Viera HD products.

Last year, the prize went to James Fox at Loughborough.  Here’s his video:

Now you see how the bar was set.  This year, I am looking at four videos to choose from.  I’m willing to be swayed by your thoughts.  So what do you think?  Here are the four shortlisted videos:

Paul Bryan

Steffan Harrison

Romaine Reid

David Childs-Clarke

What’s your favourite?  Who do you think is most creative?  From the videos, which person seems to have most potential?

Let me know what you think in the comments.  I’ll send over my opinions to the competition peeps at the end of the weekend.

Over to you!  May the best vid win!


  1. It’s got to be between Paul Bryan and David Childs-Clarke. My favourite was Pauls, as I liked the sequence, the soundtrack and the story that it told. But I would say David’s was the most creative and the one with the most potential. Will be fascinated to find out who wins!

  2. I think Romaine Reid and David Childs-Clarke were my two favorites. I think Romaine’s was the most polished and felt the most complete – the first two didn’t seem to have any sort of ending or closure, in my opinion. I think the last one was the most creative, but it doesn’t sell me on the idea of “HD.”

  3. Just to let you know, I’ve sent the judging feedback over now. Many thanks for your opinions. I will let you know when I get more news!

    My personal favourite was Romaine Reid’s entry. I was also inspired by Paul Bryan’s piece on the evolution of tech. Whatever happens, I wish all four students best wishes for the future. They’re clearly a talented bunch!

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