Insipration & Creativity: Interview with a winner

Last September, I asked for your opinions to help me as a judge in a creative talent competition.

The winning entry was by Romaine Reid, from Ravensbourne College. His video really stood out amongst the competition with its colour and vibrancy.  Judge for yourself; here’s Romaine’s video:

As one of the judges (getting the videos down to two entries, which went on to a public vote), here’s what I had to say about Romaine’s video:

“Romaine Reid’s entry stands out most.  It brings a number of concepts together in a steady flow that shows attention to detail and an eye for specifics.  He takes ideas that are accessible to a mixture of ages and backgrounds, whilst maintaining a true sense of the product and brand’s purpose throughout.  His entry shows simple ideas, professionally applied.”

The public agreed and he won the vote.  Romaine got his hands on a pretty amazing bunch of electrical gear, as well as a two-week work placement at a top creative agency.

After his success, I asked Romaine a few questions about his plans and how the creative process works for him.


What would you suggest to others looking to excel, as you have here?

Romaine: “Work hard and stay focused on your goals. I always wanted to get into design & advertising. I think that if you have a creative spark, you should always explore new ways you can express your ideas to an audience, while catering to a clients needs, in the form of an advert or design. When taking on a brief, try to find an element of it which kick starts your imagination, then relate that idea to the brief in a clear and entertaining way.”

How do you push yourself to find new ways to be creative?

Romaine: “I think that the world has many different forms of inspiration, and we only need to penetrate the surface to be inspired by it. I am really inspired by music of all genre’s, and the emotions that it evokes in me. This tends to generate creative impulses for me, to create visuals which evoke the same emotions for others. I always want to take the viewer on a journey and try to express what is in my own imagination, and I think that the goal is always for the recipient to ‘feel’ or be ‘inspired’ by what I’ve produced……I’m still growing however and it remains a continuous goal of mine.”

As part of your prize, what do you hope to take away from your two-week work placement at a creative agency?

Romaine: “I still have much more to learn, so I hope to continue growing and learning from others in the field. I think that there are many people which have a great knowledge to share, and I hope to have a better understanding of the software used. While also being inspired artistically from other creative thinkers.”

Do you have any other specific plans for your future, or is it one step at a time for now?

Romaine: “Ultimately I want to create inspirational work and design, for people to enjoy. I want people to ‘experience’ my designs, not just see them. Wherever this takes me, only time will tell…”

My congratulations go out to Romaine. His humble, yet determined attitude has served him well.  Hopefully he’ll be wowing people with his work for many years to come.