Creative talent…help me choose!

I’ve been asked to help find a student with a great creative talent.  That student could win big.

Next Generation Talent is a competition sponsored by Panasonic that will award one person a 42-inch High Definition TV, HD Camcorder, digital camera and Blu-ray player.  On top of that, they’ll get a 2-week placement at a creative agency and a portfolio review.  Not bad going.

To enter, students around the country were asked to submit an advert for Panasonic Viera HD products.

Last year, the prize went to James Fox at Loughborough.  Here’s his video:

Now you see how the bar was set.  This year, I am looking at four videos to choose from.  I’m willing to be swayed by your thoughts.  So what do you think?  Here are the four shortlisted videos: