EduLinks – Credit cunches, itchy chairs, master tips

While the Freshman 15 Laptop Giveaway is running, I thought I’d deliver a load of EduLinks for everyone.  It’s a real mixed bag.  Hopefully something for everyone.

And if you haven’t entered the competition for the laptop yet, what are you waiting for?  It’s worth a go.  For those of you have have entered, it’s been great to read your answers to the questions.  Given that I’m picking the winner at random, I’ve loved the fact that so many of you have enthusiastically jumped in and given really detailed answers.  You rule!

On to the EduLinks!

The Guardian – Total Recall

Boost your mindpower…but keep on writing to-do lists!

Kill Jill Goes To College – A College Student’s Guide To Time Management

Kill Jill finds goodness through the bad, as she learns time management through a week of difficult experiences.

Robust Writing – Have You Tried This Grammar Magical Trick Yet?

Me and you are going to love this post.  Erm, I mean you and I are going to love this post…

Charade – University and Long-Term Relationships

Is your student experience one of embracing the single life, or time for a long-term relationship?  Some tough choices lie ahead.  That’s not even considering the long-distance relationships we deal with…

Alpha Student – Write Faster

Get a first draft knocked out in no time.  Less worry, less editing, more writing.  Seriously, it’s a great way of working.

Technology Review – Wikipedia and the Meaning of Truth

“…truth is received truth: the consensus view of a subject”

Do you use Wikipedia?  Read this piece for ‘the truth’.

Dumb Little Man – How to Become a Master Communicator

Your degree involves communication on many levels, but we’re not all natural communicators.  It’s rare to have communication skills taught when approaching your academic subject, but these tips help show how important those skills can be.

Apophenia – Putting Privacy Settings in the Context of Use (in Facebook and Elsewhere)

Of course, it could be worse.  People could be leaving their phone numbers online for everyone to see…

Telegraph – ‘iPod Generation’ most at risk from credit crunch as one in five has £10k debts

All doom and gloom for us, then.  😦

Scott H Young – Itchy Chair Motivation

Scott recently wrote that people should find authors they respect, but disagree with.  While I generally agree with Scott’s writing, I couldn’t gel with his post on ‘itchy chair motivation’.  But strangely, I felt my disagreement was the perfect opportunity to link back to this article in particular, because I’m sure there are many people who’ll appreciate this method of motivation.

Economist – Britain’s University Leavers: The work that awaits the class of 2009

Forget employment…how about enjoying postgrad study? And if that’s not your thing, it’s all the more reason to stand out and take advantage of the big opportunities presented to you.  Ignore what’s on TV and stop procrastinating on Facebook. Time to face the world one way or another!

If that’s not your thing, the web comic, Piled Higher and Deeper put some of the ‘economic downturn’ postgrad data into amusing context a few weeks back.  It also helped us work out how bad our personal situation is during these times of crisis.

Psychology Today – (Almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Creativity

Please read this.  It’s a short and brilliant piece.  One of the best articles about creativity I’ve read.

Daily Mail – University students provided with allotment to grow their own food

Finally, all the best to the students of Gloucestershire who are growing their own veg.  No need to worry about the bank balance when there’s enough food in the ground.


  1. Thanks for the link to Alpha Student — and also for the links to the article on Wikipedia and the one on Creativity, both very interesting reads. I’m not a heavy user of Wikipedia myself, though like many others, I often use it for quick background details. It does seem a bit daft when people can’t edit incorrect biographical information about themselves…

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