Long-Distance Relationship: is it for you? – Part 2: Story Time


After my first post on having a Long Distance Relationship (LDR), now I’ll tell you some stories about them, just to show how different the situations can be. I also have the EduLinks set up with loads of information and advice. Some of the advice may be conflicting, but lots of it falls on common ground. There’s no strict answer, but with a bit of reading up, digging deep, and working hard, you’ll at least be closer to getting the best out of your situation.

Now for a few stories. In no particular order:

1. Once upon a time, there was a couple. Let’s call them Active-Girl and Quiet-Man. They went to college together and started going out with each other a few months before finishing their exams. After college finished, they spent most of the summer together having fun and then headed off to different universities.

Active-Girl went wild at uni and made the most of every moment she could. When she wasn’t partying and socialising, she was studying. Meanwhile, Quiet-Man spent a lot of time in his room, missing Active-Girl’s company. He was going out with friends, but not with the same enthusiasm as Active-Girl.

Lucky for this couple, there was an easy train from door to door, so they could meet up (after the long train journey) every 2 or 3 weeks. Very quickly after a couple of visits, it became clear that Active-Girl wanted to take Quiet-Man out to see all her new friends and get involved in all sorts, while Quiet-Man just wanted to catch up quietly with his girlfriend and make the most of the short time they had together.

This couple wanted to stay in the relationship and to be faithful, but their needs had suddenly changed now that they were apart most of the time. So while they had good intentions toward each other, things were looking less promising.

The occassional visits were a marker for this couple and they hardly spoke with each other in between times. Fortunately, they realised this just in time and made a vow to e-mail and ring each other on a regular basis. In that simple vow, the relationship made sense again and they both lived happily ever after. All together now, “Ahhhh!”


2. Another couple, Pocket-Boy and Clingy-Girl, were childhood sweethearts. They got together at a very early age and had a relationship that stretched far beyond romance. They were firmly best friends too. By the time university beckoned, they had been a couple for around 5 years already!

Then something very strange happened.

Before Pocket-Boy and Clingy-Girl went to uni, they mutually agreed to end their long-term love. There was no fuss or bother. They simply shrugged their shoulders and got on with being very good friends indeed.

And you know what? They did remain close friends and they had romances at uni too. And when Pocket-Boy and Clingy-Girl wanted to meet up again, Pocket-Boy would bring a girlfriend and Clingy-Girl would bring a boyfriend.

In agreeing together to call it a day, Pocket-Boy and Clingy-Girl found happiness in their university life and in their own friendship.


3. Lady of Romance wanted to stay in her relationship with Mr. Ambivalent, even though they were going to be at opposite ends of the country to each other. Mr. Ambivalent agreed that staying in the relationship would be a good thing, despite the distance.

But when they went to uni, Mr. Ambivalent saw lots of gorgeous lady students who made his mind whizz about with naughty thoughts. And in all those nights down the Union and in clubs, drinking away happily, it seemed so easy to find these gorgeous lady students who were interested in him.

So he started taking one or two lady students back to his halls. Sometimes, they might be in the same halls too, which made things even easier.

All the while, Lady of Romance was having a good time herself, but minus all the interest in the opposite sex.

You’ll never guess what Lady of Romance decided to do one day…yes, she decided to pay Mr. Ambivalent a surprise visit! I think you know what’s coming next…you fill in the details.

After the obvious kerfuffle, and one slap in the face later, the relationship was no more. Lady of Romance was both happy and sad at the same time to have made a surprise visit to her EX-boyfriend. Luckily, her head was strong and she made a quick recovery. Oh yes, and she suddently started noticing lots of gorgeous gentleman students who made her mind whizz around with naughty thoughts!


4. Fun-Guy and Great-Gal were in a steady relationship. Great-Gal was already a uni student and Fun-Guy was a local to the area. They hooked up, things were great, yada yada…

Then Fun-Guy announces that he’s off to uni too. But it’s a uni in another part of the country. Possible issues, thinks Great-Gal. And they don’t even get the summer together, because Great-Gal travels back home to her parents.

So the farewells are said a few months before uni takes place anyway. However, during that summer period, Great-Gal makes a point of keeping in contact with Fun-Guy. And Fun-Guy happily makes a point of keeping in contact too.

As Fun-Guy and Great-Gal keep in touch, they realise this might just work out.

And it’s true. It did work out. Regular contact made things work wonders. Even on occassions when there was nothing to say, they’d talk rubbish and be happy for the link. Bless!


These situations were all different and none of them resulted in the end of the world, even if the relationship did come to an end. That’s the main point I wanted to make:

Whatever happens, remain strong and focused on a positive future.

It might feel difficult and you may think it’s easier said than done, but keep going and make the most of everything that you do. Dwelling in the past won’t help the situation, but embracing the future will benefit you greatly.

There are loads of different LDRs that I’ve been aware of over the years. Every one has a different story, as you’ve seen above by the examples. If you want advice on these complicated relationships, do check out the EduLinks Long Distance Relationships Special if you haven’t already. There’s plenty of reading material to help you work things out.

Good luck!



  1. The only thing that one would have to worry about would be if Lady of Romance suddenly became Lady With a Knife, and then ended up as Lady In Prison due to killing her ex-exboyfriend. In todays times that is sadly how far people are taking the seriousness of their relationships

  2. Fortunately, these situations sorted themselves out without violence (well, except for the slap in the face). Of all the long-distance break-ups I have been aware of, there has yet to be any danger of physical harm to either party.

    The saddest thing is when the situation changes a person so they feel they can no longer trust anyone close to them. It’s like a defence mechanism, I suppose, and it’s a big shame.

  3. What a wonderful blog – your stories were great examples of different long distance situations. Put into the most simple of terms and illustrating your point clearly at the end of the day. Having had my own long distance scenario, special in its own way, it was a time in my life that taught me so much about myself as a person and helped me grow immensely as a person. I wish I had found your blog earlier because it has been a year for me to draw the same conclusions. see – http://gspotinformer.blogspot.com/2008/09/letter-to-me.html your blog is really appropriate. Thank you for making things seem a lot more black and white – it is true sometimes things will work out sometimes they won’t just like nay relationship. You need to work on it and if not pick yourself up and try again. You gain a new type of strength as a person not only by moving away to varsity but by going through something as tough as a long distance relationship. I hope people in that situation read your blog, it makes them smile and inspires them to do what their heart is telling them.

  4. Bridge, it’s so good to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to comment on this and I hope all is going well for you.

    Long distance relationships are rarely simple, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be magical. You’re right, there’s no certainty in any situation, so we have to be philosophical about it and move on if needs be.

    I’m happy to hear that you’ve taken so much positivity from your experiences and grown as a person. When we don’t take anything from our experiences, they are merely past events.

    All the best to you, Bridge!

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