EduLinks catch-up: 10 Worthwhile reads

Bringing you some links of plenty.  A couple of ‘Generation Y’ related posts in the mix here…should we be referred to as a single entity of ‘Gen Y’?  Are we that different to those who came before us?  Are the descriptions accurate anyway?  Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy the posts:

01. Absolute College Girl – No longer fresh: reflecting on freshman year

[An inspirational post here.  It’s great to read such a positive review of the year.  Here’s to the future!]

02. The Gig: Fortune – Gen Yers Lack Confidence, Behave Like Idiots

[Controversial by the looks of the comments.  Is confidence one of the biggest issues facing us at the moment?]

03. Employee Evolution – 10 ways Generation Y will change the workplace

[We’re shaking the place up.  Out with the old, in with the older.  Oh, go on, with a sprinkling of new too!]

04. Study Hacks – The art of activity innovation: How to be impressive without an impressive amount of work

[Have you designed a technology-based curriculum without realising it?  Have you overlooked your work with the U.N. on youth projects?  Maybe not, but you probably are hiding some impressive information about yourself.  Let Cal guide you to some creative inspiration that will help you stand out from the rest…and still be telling the truth!]

05. Ben Casnocha – Thinking in public is not done

[Think about it (unless you’re in public).  We’re used to watching instant reaction, immediate feedback, split-second soundbytes.  No wonder we want everything RIGHT NOW!]

06. The Guardian – The party’s over

[Why are students still considered hedonistic drunkards?  There will always be a group of heavy drinkers, but the days of casual drunken antics by all students (if they ever existed…) are numbered.  Do you consider alcohol to be a vital aspect of your time in Higher Education?]

07a. FSA’s What About Money –

07b. FSA’s What About Money – Going to university

[A new site, set up by the Financial Services Authority.  While it’s not the easiest site for browsing, it is full of helpful (and impartial) information, specifically for 16-24 year olds.  If you are looking for specific information, I suggest using the search function first, otherwise you may never find what you need.]

08. Copyblogger – Add spark to your writing with these 3 simple tweaks

[Using modifiers in your writing to add colour, a colour that will keep readers hooked to the end…]

09. Economist – Under Threat of Change

[Starting to see reform in the universities across Europe.  It may be necessary, given that Oxford and Cambridge are the only universities to feature on the Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s global Top 20 ranking.]

10. Publishing 2.0 – What magazines still don’t understand about the web

[Do you still buy physical copies of newspapers and magazines?  I rarely do.  I currently subscribe to 4 magazines, because they do not replicate their content for free over the net, nor do they provide a digital-only version of the publication.  Most of my reading is now on the computer screen (and increasingly on Google Reader).  How do you find yourself reading most?]