UniversityBlog – Best of October Posts

It’s a new month and it’s time to recap some of the big posts and popular articles.  Time seems to have passed by so quickly!  Well, here are the top 5 highlights:

1. Getting the initial work out of the way, every time – Getting a project off the ground may well be all it takes to succeed in a big way.  I wrote the piece because this way of working has been beneficial to me for many years.  It’s one well worth remembering.

2. Finding Your Personal Lifeskills (Or…”With Others You Can Do-It-Yourself!”) – No matter how much advice is thrown at you, it can only work if you make positive use of it and form it for your own wants and needs.  Expecting something to happen without any of your own input is unrealistic.  This article explains how you can reach a mindset that will allow you to make the most of the advice that comes your way.

3. Redefining Your Comfort Zone: 5 ways to make information your friend – Information has many forms and we take some in our stride, while other forms of information leave us cold.  By redefining your comfort zone, it’s possible to consume a lot more information that you realise.  Go to it!

4. Help for the Hopelessly Homesick – It’s still pretty early in the academic year, especially for Freshers.  There may still be some mixed feelings about moving away from home.  I wrote this after hearing from a number of homesick students and reading various stories on the fantastic site The Student Room.  I think it’s been the most popular post since UniversityBlog began.  There’s no harm in that and I hope it’s been of great use to you.

5. Turning Smalltalk into Bigtalk: 7 ways to find things to talk about – Sometimes it’s difficult to get a conversation going.  I’ve been there before.  You don’t know about a person, so you’re unsure how to find the words to say.  Or you’re with a group of people you’ve never met and want to hit it off with them, but can’t imagine what witty words will impress them.  The 7 tips I mention in this post have helped me to get a conversation up and running on many occasions.