EduLinks – A Mixed Bag of Fruit, Parties, Stress and Plagiarism

1. Independent – The five-a-day fantasy: Are you getting enough?

[I love these articles in the Independent.  Full of so much information and let you decide how you want to play things.  So, how much fruit and veg are you getting now?  The uni that I started working at recently has a wonderful weekly fruit and veg event.  It’s so popular and I hope your uni does something similar.  If not, speak to your SU and try and get one sorted.  Healthy goodness for everyone!]

2. Independent – Second-semester starts: Get ahead of the September urge

[Starting in September/October isn’t always the way to go.  A start in January was previously more useful for mature students, but it’s now a great idea for some 18 year old Freshers.  Worth a thought if you’re not yet at uni, or if you’re looking for a slightly different path…]

3. FOXNews – Stressed by stressed study

[It’s so true.  The only person who isn’t stressed is a dead person.  Let’s take it easy.  C’mon people, let’s party!]

4. Scott H Young – Can Partying Make You More Productive?

[Speaking of partying…another great Scott H Young article.  Basically, you can make the most of your time at uni, no matter how busy things are.  Another ‘state of mind’ thing.  And as one of the comments mentions, it doesn’t have to be partying as such.  You can do anything you want to relax, just as long as you do it.  Maximise your work so you can maximise your leisure time too.  Go read it.]

5. Educated Nation – College Advice

[Basically, we’re not all perfect.  Advice is good, but it doesn’t mean the people dishing out advice did exactly as they suggest.  If you feel like you’re failing at any point, wishing you were as brilliant as any of the bloggers and writers telling you how to become wonderful, it doesn’t mean those writers managed that perfect feat themselves.  For instance, while the advice I give is based on things I have seen working (or failing) with my own eyes, or with pretty accurate feedback, it doesn’t mean I did it all myself and resulted in a perfect life for me.  Wanting to help you isn’t the same as telling you how amazing I’ve been and how you can emulate that.  Very different.

Oh yes, this article also has several helpful links with more advice.  Lots of American-based links, but stuff you should dip into nonetheless.]

6. Education Guardian – Academics guilty of plagiarism

[The sad thing for me was reading how one student felt ‘cheated’ when he discovered a lecturer passing off info from Wikipedia as the lecturer’s own notes.  The student said, “We are told how important it is to reference other people’s work and what counts as plagiarism. It did make me wonder whether I could get away with plagiarising myself”.  NO NO NO!  Too dangerous.  I’m planning an article about this for a later date.  Plagiarism is not worth it in any way, no matter how desperate the situation feels.  I can’t stress that enough.]