EduLinks – Long Distance Relationships Special – 10 Helpful Links

As promised, here is a wealth of linkage about handling a Long Distance Relationship (LDR):

University of Exeter – Student Counselling: Long Distance Relationships at University

27 Foolproof pieces of long distance relationship advice

Southampton University SU Forums – On Long Distance Relationships

The Guardian – Dr Luisa Dillner on long distance relationships – Long Distance Relationships: Want it to work or want to call it off?

The Student Room – Health & Relationships Forum [including this recent post about LDRs.]

BBC – All that you leave behind [Based on University of Lincoln students, but relevant info for everyone about LDRs.]

The How To Girl – How To Do A Long Distance Relationship

BlogHer – Long Distance Relationships Part 1: Would You Do It?

BlogHer – Long Distance Relationships Part 2: Coping Strategies

And if you haven’t read them already, check out my two-part posting on LDRs:

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