EduLinks – Random Links of Note

Remember, tomorrow is a special edition of EduLinks with info about Long Distance Relationships (LDRs).  So today, I thought I’d give you about double the dose of linkage.  You lucky things…

Independent – Freshers’ Week: Get the party started [Part of the Student Survival Guide 07/08, put together in association with UCAS.  A little introduction on what to expect.  Check my posts about settling in and making friends for more Fresher tips.]

Independent – Nightlife: Put on your dancing shoes [More from the Student Survival Guide, this article gives examples of what’s on and how to do it.]

A few music links for you now:

  1. The Hype Machine [Listen to the songs people are blogging about on the net at the moment.]
  2. Pandora [Create your own stations to listen to based on exactly what you want.  Free.]
  3. [One of the more well known sites, another place to customise your own music playlists for free.]
  4. URN [My favourite student radio station, University Radio for Nottingham.  It’s just playing old tunes at the moment, but in a week or so, the station will be back and I recommend you give it a listen.]

The Register – Orange Kneecaps Nokia [We like our phones.  Forget the current hoo-hah with the iPhone’s expense, there might be some changes in the mobile phone market given what’s happening here…how will it all pan out?]

A couple of stories on the BBC News website regarding a new report on education:

The Atlantic – Caring for your Introvert [All about the whats and whys of introverts.  Do you know any introverts?]

Internet News – Mozilla Millions go to Thunderbird [I hadn’t realised that the free e-mail software, Thunderbird, hadn’t made it big like the web-browser Firefox.  It’s a fine piece of software.  Well worth a look.]

Slate – Mind Your Pee in Queues [ is heavily American orientated, but it’s still good to check every day or two.   This piece, for instance, has lots of info and links relating to various topics in the news.  One of the quirky reports is how less men are washing their hands after they’ve been to the loo.  Plenty of links and opinion about it too!]

The Chronicle Review (of Higher Education) – Rigid Scholarship on Male Sexuality [If not to read the article, you might want to check to see how many different names there are for sperm.  While I’d heard most names before, I hadn’t ever considered the obvious ‘number three’.  Sorry, I’m being childish now…]

Finally, here are two great art sites:

  • 10 Ways [This site sucks you in and takes you on a very strange journey.  I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before.]
  • Wotartist [An artist directory that’s full of pictures and inspiration.  I’ve just been choosing artists at random and checking their works.  Good to dip into.]


  1. Hi Martin
    I hope you can connect with the right Uni job for you. I’m an indy scholar and lifelong learner so maybe there’s another audience for you there. Noting your random links you may find this collection of interest plus the associated blog and website. Best of luck. Peter

    Hodges’ Health Career – Care Domains – Model [h2cm]

    – can help map health, social care and OTHER issues, problems and solutions. The model takes a situated and multi-contextual view across four knowledge domains:

    * Interpersonal;
    * Sociological;
    * Empirical;
    * Political.

    Four links pages cover each care (knowledge) domain e.g. SCIENCES:

    – scroll down for education, study skills…


    Hodges’ Health Career – Care Domains – Model
    h2cm: help 2C more – help 2 listen – help 2 care

  2. @Peter, that’s a lot of links and info. I will certainly be taking a closer look soon. At first glance, I’m liking the ideas there.

    It’s good to hear you’re a lifelong learner. I call myself an eternal student…

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