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10 inspirational tips by the man from MONGOOSE

I want to be wrong.

Do you?

We should all long to be wrong. So says the man from MONGOOSE. Otherwise known as Dougald Hine.

Dougald Hine (photo by squircle)

Dougald Hine (photo by squircle)

Dougald is on a mission to bring people together and to generally help make the world a little bit more awesome for us all:

“It all starts from a desire to understand how we change things – and how things change, with or without us.” [Source]

Dougald recently gave a speech on universities and transition. Speaking in the slot that was originally meant for the “man at the ministry”, Dougald decided to put his MONGOOSE hat on. In other words, the ‘Ministry Of Non-Governmental Organisations Or Similar Entities’, which is “For when the state is failing to deal with major ongoing crises”.

So, Dougald is serious about helping make change happen. He’s happy to be light-hearted along the way. And, if you prefer, not so light-hearted.

The path to change is never smooth, but our attitude makes a big difference to how we tackle that path. Along the way, we make many mistakes. Luckily, mistakes are important — and necessary — stepping stones.

This is just one piece of advice Dougald gave when he spoke. Here are some more gems I took away from his talk: