Be Selfish. Think About What Matters To You.

Is it time to selfishly shift your point of view?

photo by wonderferret

photo by wonderferret

As a student, the possibilities are endless. You’re offered so many views and given free reign to explore in any way you wish.

Do you make use of this as much as you think?

When three years are up and graduation looms, is it time to look for a job?

Or should your search have started before you even stepped foot on campus as a fresher?

Or should you forget traditional career paths and take a completely different route to suit what you want?

Focus on the future, the past, or right now? Or everything at once?

If it’s not already there, will you step up to the plate and make it happen?

If it’s flawed, are you in a position to help make it better?

What matters to you?

Go on. Be selfish for a moment. You might just find a way to help the world by helping yourself.