Will Science and Art Get Together (Again)?

Back in early 2008, I wrote a short piece about science and art. I said they should just get along.

photo by MuseumWales
photo by MuseumWales

The post still gets a lot of traffic from people searching ‘science vs art’ in search engines. The debate is clearly on a lot of people’s minds.

I was being light-hearted, but I still meant it. Science and art are not opposites or adversaries. Nevertheless, the two are separated as if there is a need to stay apart much of the time.

So it was interesting to see Björk’s take on the matter when answering questions on the Guardian website. When asked if science and art will ever be combined successfully, her response was:

“seems like science and art were pretty much the same thing for thousands of years until the industrial revolution and the enlightenment separated them . i feel the 21st century is going to be the one where not only they can unite again but they have to …”

What might the future hold? Have needs changed? Will science and art get along better in coming years due to necessity?


  1. Silly Boy! People have been going on about gap between arts and sciences since C.P.Snow’s ‘Two Cultures’ in 1959. Now the Coalition have a radical solution to it – just close down the arts and humanities and fund only the sciences (though at reduced rate). This will leave arts and humanities only for those students who are seriously rich enough to afford them!

    1. Ah, I knew I must have missed something. 😉

      I was interested in Björk’s comment that the two may ‘have to’ unite again. I haven’t explored reunion as a need. Also, if that need did arise, under what terms would a recognised reunion occur?

      While it’s all subjective and based on personal aesthetics, the necessity angle has got my mind going.

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