EduLinks – Partying, Promises & Performance

Time for some more EduLinks. Want to see links on a particular topic? Have some links that may be of interest to readers?  Let me know in the comments, or get in touch!

On with the links…

Grad Recruiter – CV Structure and Format Checklist

Get your CV looking and feeling great with these simple tips.  Not a ‘how to’ guide to work from scratch, but how to tweak your CV so it flows better.

Chronicle – Tweeting Students Earn Higher Grades Than Others in Classroom Experiment

It’s all about engagement.

Guardian – Innovation is born when art meets science

Art and science need to mix better. I always said they should be friends.

On focus:

Who’d have thought that daydreaming made you *less* happy?

Seems like we need deeper focus more often than we tend to allow ourselves.

MakeUseOf – 10 Online Synonym Dictionaries That Help You Find A Similar Word

A thesaurus gives you many words to express a similar sentiment.  This post gives you many websites with a similar function…

Impact Magazine – Weapons of Lash Destruction

A history of drinking games.  “Since when did our drinking habits become so organised?”

The Boar – The Price of a Promise

Lib Dem MPs signed a pledge before this year’s general election to say that they would vote against any increase in tuition fees.  Some are due to go back on that pledge and Nick Clegg said he regretted signing the pledge.

The Boar examines what a promise is and explains why MPs going back on a pledge damages the public’s confidence in politics.

Cognition & the Arts – Does background music aid or impair reading comprehension?

Do you work better when listening to music, or would you prefer silence?

A study has found that people work better in silence.  However, so many questions are left unanswered, as this post explains, that you needn’t switch the iPod off yet.

My advice has always been, if you’re finding concentration tough, do the opposite of what you’re currently doing.  When you’re in silence, try listening to music.  Also, try listening to different types of music, or opt for a bit of noise.

Ben Casnocha – How to Draw An Owl

A short post that says so much…and leaves so much more to the imagination.