Take life seriously for more fun

The only way you can get the most from life is when you take it seriously.  The laughs, the fun, the success…everything is serious.

Don’t get me wrong, your outward character can be as eccentric and crazily happy as you want.  You can get a lot through seeking contentment, following passions, and enjoying yourself as much as possible.  But the way in which you approach life needs to be taken seriously.

photo by poolski

photo by poolski

If you’re determined to take flight every which way, without giving your actions proper thought and time, your enjoyment suffers.  A more determined, less casual approach will help you shine.

As soon as you shrug your shoulders at something, it becomes less serious and you suffer as a consequence. We all do it from time to time, because it’s another way for that dreaded ‘comfort zone’ to come along and lull you into a false sense of security.

When you find yourself going off the boil, ignoring the importance of every second of your life, don’t let yourself off.  Take the matter  seriously, before everything blurs and you forget how serious you need to be before you can convince at casual:

  • Take seriously the need to do some things you don’t want in order to get what you do want;
  • Take seriously the fact that your leisure time is usually more fun when you plan activities ahead;
  • Take other people seriously, even if you don’t agree with them;
  • Take yourself seriously, acknowledging your worth and the importance of your own ideas;
  • Seriously commit to changing the aspects of your life you want to change;
  • Seriously commit to achieving more of what you love and being who you want to be.

When you take the world seriously, you can still have larger-than-life ideas and great ambitions.  In many ways, a serious attitude makes it all the more possible.

There’s a book called “When Wishing Comes True”, which has a great message about taking life seriously no matter how imaginative you are and how much your wishes seem unlikely to come true.  Even better, it’s a book for children.

We all know how children don’t let the world get in the way of their bizarre plans.  Those plans may seem ridiculous to us, but the children are deadly serious about them!

I’ll leave you with the simple, yet strong message that “When Wishing Comes True” ends on.  And I hope you have a good time wishing…and taking it all seriously:

“First wish,
Then do.
That’s when wishing comes true.”