20/20 – Day 5: 20 uses for 20 minutes

Pushed for time?  Got some spare time?  Don’t want to waste time?

Whatever the case, 20 minutes isn’t very long. But it’s long enough to do all sorts of things.  Day 5 of 20/20 explores some of the things you can do in a seemingly small space of time.

  1. Wash your clothes. Gather up a load of washing, stick it in the machine, throw in the detergent, and you’re away.  Even if you have to walk to the laundrette, it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to get this done.  And if you want to wait for the load to finish, it’ll give you more time to do some more of the stuff below.
  2. Wash the dishes. One of the jobs we love to hate.  You don’t really see dishwashers in student digs, so the washing up has to be done at some point.  Get it out of the way when you’ve got time to spare.  When it’s done, it’s out of the way.  Now all you need to do is never eat or drink again…
  3. Have a shower. You’ll be clean, you’ll be refreshed, you’ll be stimulated. Not bad for 20 minutes work.
  4. Start writing an annoying essay. Time yourself and see what you write. It’s just a way to ease you in. When it works, it’s awesome. And it works more than you think it might.
  5. Read.  If you need an excuse…
  6. Power nap. A quick rest to give you more energy for the rest of the day. What’s not to like?
  7. Walk somewhere nearby.  10 minutes each way, but make it 20 minutes each way if feeling adventurous. Get your mind working, enjoy the view, think about stuff or ignore everything. Up to you. A walk brings many benefits and it’s healthy too.
  8. Send a postcard. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people you care about.  It doesn’t take long and it’s a novel way to make someone smile.
  9. Make a phone call. Not just any call. Ring someone who’ll really appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to make contact.
  10. Watch educational videos online.  Get a short burst of mental stimulation.
  11. Write something different. A short poem, a manifesto, a journal entry.  Make your mark in a way you wouldn’t usually consider.
  12. Make a list of the things you want to do before you graduate. To get an idea, check Savvy Student’s suggestions.
  13. Make a social media splash. Not just chatting on Facebook. Start a professional profile, follow influential people on Twitter, get a blog started, if you’ve already got a blog then write a post for it.
  14. Work on your CV. Never too early to make it shine.
  15. Tidy up. There’s never enough time for stuff like clearing your room. There is if you only spend 20 minutes on it.  You won’t finish, but it’s better than doing no tidying at all!
  16. Take stock.  20 minutes is all you need to see how far you’ve come and note what you need to do going forward.  It’s actioning those plans that takes the time.
  17. Write a list. Who knows where it will take you?
  18. Listen to a genre of music you’re not used to. Experience the new. If you don’t like it, you’ve not wasted much time. If you do like it, you’ve got so much more goodness to explore.
  19. Do something different. However big or small, change your perspective and do something you’ve never done before. Or do something old in a completely different way. Do it just to see how you react. Obviously don’t do anything dangerous. I’m saying do something different, not stupid.
  20. Just stop. Celebrate silence. A few moments of pure nothing is wonderful in a world where we’re always doing something.  You’re allowed to have a breather.

Title image: original by tiffa130 (cc)  /  Bottom image: Robbert van der Steeg (cc)