20/20 – Day 3: 20 reasons to listen

It’s good to talk. It’s better to listen.

Want to know why? Listen up:

  1. Listening is a decent, respectful thing to do. And it gets you more respect in the process. Win/Win.
  2. Because people like to talk.
  3. People like to confide in a good listener.
  4. You’re automatically given more credence as a good communicator.
  5. You have more chance of learning something.
  6. Listening doesn’t require much work, but the rewards are plenty.
  7. When you listen, you care about a person’s opinion.
  8. When you listen to someone, that someone is more likely to listen back.
  9. When you hear, you’re aware of the problem.  When you listen, you can discover the underlying causes of the problem.
  10. To listen is to examine.
  11. To listen is to question yourself gladly.
  12. So long as someone knows you’re listening to them, they know you haven’t given up on them.
  13. You can give so much when you offer advice. You can give so much more when you listen.
  14. It’s less arrogant.
  15. It’s more thoughtful.
  16. In a stream of many voices, listening to a single voice is so relaxing.
  17. If you don’t listen, you can’t empathise.
  18. When you listen, you exercise self-control.
  19. It’s often easier to forgive others if you truly listen to them.
  20. People are happier to forgive you if you listen back.

As mentioned in Point 9, listening is about more than hearing something. You have to give thought to what you hear. Digest what’s being communicated to you and react to it positively.  It’s true that listening doesn’t require much work (Point 6), but that doesn’t mean you can be lazy either. A vague nod and a smile won’t cut it.

Thanks for listening. What points have I missed? Please comment below so I can listen to your suggestions too.


  1. I love the emphasis on listening, because I feel that focus is always on getting everyones attention.

    And I think it is so annoying when I talk to someone who doesn’t listen to me.

    But I guess I can improve my listening skills too. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment, Marthe. I could improve my listening skills too. We all could. The skill of listening is one that can never be perfected, but it’s worth striving for!

      You’re right, the focus on getting attention is a shame, especially since you can get more attention from someone else by listening to them.

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