The name’s Links…EduLinks.

You know what?  I made a mistake.


With all these posts on the subject of ‘Time’, I decided to look at how I use my blogging time to help you, my readers, best.

One big deal arose.  So I’m putting my hands up to the mistake, ready to bring things back to order.

Long-term readers of TheUniversityBlog will remember that I used to post regular EduLinks to the site.  Then I posted EduLinks less regularly.  Then I stopped entirely, in favour of a separate TumbleLog site.  Putting choice links and quotes there, I felt, would be a good thing.

Well it wasn’t. It hasn’t really worked on any level, so I believe that everyone benefits if I put EduLinks back where they belong…right here!  My apologies for messing you about.

I have learned a good thing from using the TumbleLog.  As well as occasional bumper posts of links here, I intend to post up single link posts and quotes of note.  It should be the best way to provide the right amount of goodness here on TheUniversityBlog, and bring everything together in a (hopefully) satisfying mix of woo!

If you’re a recent follower to the site, I hope your experience is about to get that little bit better.  If you’ve been following the highs and lows on here for a while now, I hope you’ll be happy to welcome back an old friend in the EduLinks.  Thank you for your support!