EduLinks: Creativity, Politics, Nutrition, Happiness & Warmth

As promised, it’s EduLinks time.  Tuck in!


From NUS Westminster Update:

“53% of all English domiciled full-time undergraduate students undertook paid work at some time during the academic year-either during term-time, during the short vacations or both. For those undertaking such work, earnings over the academic year were on average £4 005 (after tax).”

World Affairs – The Universality of English

Around 6,000 languages are in use around the world today.  It has been suggested that only 600 languages will remain in use in a hundred years’ time.  The author asks whether that matters.

Procrastination [YouTube Video]

Found this video via Academic Productivity.  Hurrah!  Another way of using up more time working out how to stop procrastinating.  😉

MakeUseOf – How To Easily Make An Attractive Cover Page In MS Word 2007

Sometimes you need to provide a front page for a piece of work.  If you have some creative freedom over the front page, but don’t want to go beyond Word, this tutorial has got it…covered!  Get it?  Covered?  …I’ll get my coat.

From The Battlefield of Ideas (New Statesman)

“Politicians, perhaps anachronistically, still look to the universities for ideas. The universities brood on why it is that they are so unloved. Government and the universities are like a warring couple locked together in a loveless marriage. The answer lies in divorce. The more the universities are left alone, the more creative they will become, the better able to resume the role they once had as powerhouses of ideas. Paradoxically, if the universities wish to become more influential in government, they must first become more independent of it.”

Wise Bread – Bioavailability: How to Get More Nutrients From Your Food

You want the most out of your food, don’t you?  Taste may play a huge part in our enjoyment, but nutrition is something you probably think about.  Even if you don’t act on it much, you’ll know it’s best to eat healthily.  Don’t miss a trick; you could eek out more precious nutrients just by drinking orange juice or grinding black pepper on your food.  Wise Bread explains all.

From NUS calls for student loans chief to resign (Guardian)

“You’ve got the appalling situation which has left hundreds of thousands affected by this crisis, tens of thousands without their support, a miserable start to term and on top of that one of the most shameful spin operations from a public body I have ever seen. They have failed to communicate with the public, made broken promise after broken promise. In that context how anyone can expect us to have confidence is beyond me. It’s time for Ralph Seymour-Jackson to do honourable thing and resign – or for ministers to step in and sack him.”

RealSimple – 9 Things You Can Do to Be Happy in the Next 30 Minutes

Simple ideas, designed to give you a boost when you need it.  That is all.

BBC – Road map for universities awaited

The government has been pretty quiet on their plans for Higher Education and fees.  Mike Baker investigates what’s taking them so long.

BPS Research Digest – A warm room makes people feel socially closer

Studies have suggested that when people are warm, they bond more easily.  They actually do get a ‘warm’ feeling.  So next time you want to get cosy with friends, turn up the heat.  You never know, it may be worth remembering when you have a presentation and want the lecturer on your side…

Harvard Business – Forwarding Is the New Networking

Just don’t forward *too* much.  And don’t worry so much about sending over the funnies.

PickTheBrain – 10 Very Common Stupid Tricks That Wreck A Good Life

In a similar vein to my recent post on mistakes to beat before they beat you, here are more issues to nip in the bud.  They may well be ‘common traps’, but that’s no reason to let them cause you grief.