EduLinks – Science, Philosophy and Garfield…

TheUniversityBlog is 6 months old today.  Woo!  Good times. 


1. Garfield…but a zillion times funnier:

[They’re all winners.]

2. Wired Science – Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos


3. Online Papers in Philosophy


[LOADS of philosophical linkage.  Will be useful to some of you…and it’s a keeper.]


4. Dosh Dosh – How to Use the Web to Build a Powerful Reputation in Any Industry


[If you want to build a brand, start a new project, or develop yourself as a specialist in something you have a passion in, Dosh Dosh provides clear and useful advice to help your endeavours.]


5. The wonder of web resources:

6. Guardian Education – What happened to the love?


[Higher Education as a springboard to employment, rather than a cocoon of academic wonder…your thoughts?]


7. Independent – On Top of the World


[Go out there and find a way to get what you want.  This person managed it in their gap year before uni.  If it’s out there, you’ve got the opportunity.]