EduLinks – Writing, Presenting, Never Fearing

My apologies that posting’s been a bit shaky this week.  I’ve not been feeling too good.  Luckily, I stayed true to one of my blogging goals to write posts in advance.  They were ready to go, even if I wasn’t!

And now, slightly out of kilter on a Wednesday, here’s my first offering of EduLinks this week.


1. Education Portal – 10 Universities Offering Free Writing Courses Online

[The lessons cover many forms of writing.  Not just fiction, not just journalism, not just essays, but all these and more.  A great resource.]

2. MakeUseOf – Eliminate Writing Distractions with JDarkRoom

[Trying to write isn’t always easy, even if you’ve made full use of the courses above.  There’s software out there that can take away the little monsters that lure you away from the task at hand.  JDarkRoom may be just what you were looking for.]

3. – I Won Science Fair with a Failed Project: The Skill of Presenting Failures

[Spot on information.  In some projects, being right doesn’t necessarily happen.  Even when the results haven’t worked out in your favour, communication and preparation can work wonders in getting you top marks.]

4. – Seven Ways to Procrastinate for Better Results

[I know I posted about procrastination the other day, but this article suggests it’s not always a bad thing.  I thought it was a worthwhile addition.  Oh, the swings and roundabouts of it all!]

5. Personal Hack – 5 Reasons to Push Through Fear

[I enjoyed reading this article.  It’s one of those pieces where you know it would be great to take the 5 reasons and pin them to your wall, so you could look at them whenever the fear starts to set in.]

6. Things of Interest – The Great British Venn Diagram

[England, Great Britain, United Kingdom, British Isles!?!?  All will be revealved…]