Enjoy your study more

Whether or not you find personal study time satisfying and worthwhile, it’s easy to forget how many ways there are to boost the way you feel when it comes to the crunch.

From reading to revision, from writing essays to planning presentations, your work is just another part of life.

Procrastination hangs around like a bad smell…it’s horrible, but you can get rid of it if you find the source and work toward eliminating it.

There are more ways to enjoy your study than you think. But the mistake many people make is to concentrate on the study itself. There’s no need!

The study comes naturally if you put the right preparation in to everything else.


 Breathing (photo by LunaDiRimmel)

Never take your breathing for granted. Without it, we’d be goners!

This is overlooked much of the time. When you want to feel more relaxed and focused, spend just 2 or 3 minutes to take in some slow, deep breaths. With each breath in, keep it there briefly before discarding it. Try breathing in through your nose first, but breathing out through your mouth.

Remember to make those breaths deep and full of air.

Further info linkageness: RIRIAN PROJECT – Take a one-minute break to marinate yourself


Music (photo by psoup216)

Find out how your ears can help your head. While we all have different preferences over listening to music before, during, and after study, it’s not simple enough to do what you want. Test out different scenarios to find what’s best for you. If you listen during study and it gets in the way (i.e. you sing along and get carried along by the music more than your study), then why not listen to music prior to studying, to get in a positive working mood?

Rest breaks

(photo by christopherleonard)

Be it five minutes in every 15, or 15 minutes in every hour, make sure you have a dedicated rest to recharge your batteries.  If you don’t, you won’t be making the most of your working time.

Changing area

(photo by austerlitz7)

…And while you’re resting up, don’t just sit at your desk and count the time down unimaginatively. Get up from your desk and make a deliberate move somewhere else, even if it’s just two steps away over to your bed!

It also helps to change your study area too. If you work heavily in the same place all the time, you might be surprised at how your mind will open up to working elsewhere. Even if you choose to sit on a step or bench somewhere on campus, it might be enough to access different areas of your brain.

Who knows, you may even associate different chunks of revision with the places you studied it in…!

Changing light

(photo by Lua sp)

You may not be lucky enough to have a dimmer switch in your student halls, but you have a chance to be creative here.

When you experience a change in the amount of light around you, your body and brain reacts with it. If you subtly change the light getting to you (up or down), the chances are you’ll be able to work harder again.

Try opening or closing your curtains, finding a shadier or more sunny spot, rearranging your study area to nearer the window, etc., etc.

Just as long as you don’t settle down anywhere too dark…your body will think it’s time to go to sleep!


Power Nap (photo by midiman)

Talking of sleep, I heartily recommend a 10 minute powernap before cracking on with the business at hand. Just set your timer for 10 minutes, lay down, shut your eyes, and relax. Even if you don’t start to nod off, it’s absolutely fine. The brief rest will pep you up and help you blast through more work than you could have done without it.

Further info linkageness: Lifehack.org – How to get the perfect nap

Embrace change

(photo by gak)

That is to say…Stop Being Stubborn!

If you’re not happy with your productivity, then look to your own ways of working and be determined to make a change.

The power is within you, so excuses won’t cut it at this stage. Tell yourself to behave!

Schedule your procrastination

Procrastination (photo by FredArmitage)

It’s great to know that fun is just around the corner.

Procrastination is a problem when you don’t have any planned stoppages, so put them into your schedule. Reward yourself, pamper yourself, make it a wonderful and decadent (but legal!) time.

If you’re still tempted to spend your time on goodies and fun after that, you’re just being plain greedy! Where’s that good old work/life balance!?