Everything I Learned so far Applied to Everything

ABC Teddy (photo by weirdvis)

ABC Teddy (photo by weirdvis)

It’s my belief that, deep down, we work on a relatively basic level. That’s not a bad thing and my statement alone is not enough (i.e. it’s too basic and is subject to many interpretations), but I think we can take a great deal from seemingly unrelated topics and use them to our advantage elsewhere.

Not only that, but I think we do it all the time. Almost without noticing.

I’ll explain. From an early age, I read up on many different topics. And each topic I would study in newspapers, magazines, books, and beyond. It needn’t be factual. I read a lot of fiction too.

With all this reading, I picked up on an important thing. The ideas and opinions being thrown around could just as easily be thrown elsewhere. In a completely different topic altogether, in fact.

The best recent example is in blogging. Many posts can work in situations that are quite alien to the subject being spoken about.

For instance, I read a guest post on the popular ‘make money blogging’ website, John Chow dot Com. It was a guest post by Gary Jones entitled “Everything I Learned in Kindergarten Applies to Blogging“.

Gary uses various common points, regular happenings and clichés surrounding kindergarten to explain aspects of the blogging world. Things like ‘Share everything’, ‘Say sorry when you hurt somebody’ and ‘Take a nap every afternoon’. Then he’s crafted them in a completely different way.

It works very well. It helps the reader to understand. It builds upon our associations and links them in a new manner.So as an experiment, I’ve decided to take blog posts and news that don’t specifically feature academia and see if I can turn them into something relevant to TheUniversityBlog and Higher Education.

And why not start with the post I mention above? Thus, in TheUniversityBlog style, I present to you:


– Share Everything
Your degree is not a competition. Sometimes it pays to work with others. While many smart students don’t study in groups, that doesn’t mean they isolate themselves from everything without engaging in debate and sharing ideas. Far from it.

Your confidence in your own thoughts and findings can be let out. If you don’t share the goods and prefer to hoard them, who knows what other treats you might be getting if you were to share and swap?

– Play Fair
Plagiarism is still an issue up and down the country. I don’t understand why, because you get caught. You’re not going to be lucky and beat the system.

It’s still going to happen, no matter what I – or anyone else – says. Whether it’s a sheer act of desperation, or a genuine belief that you can plagiarise without being spotted, there are still people who decide to do it.

Anything is better than that. Cheating is pointless and upsetting for other people and it always ends up biting you on the bum too! Steer clear.

– Don’t Hit People
When thousands of Freshers descend upon the campus, it’s inevitable that all the excitement can lead to frayed tempers. Shouting matches are bad enough (and there are plenty of those at the end of the night when the union shuts), but it’s even worse to participate in a violent brawl.

Don’t Hit People = Stay Calm & Compromise

– Clean Up Your Own Mess
Yes, it probably is your first time away from the family home. No, there isn’t anyone around to sort your life out in the same way now.

It doesn’t matter how independent you think you’ve been in the past. Uni is usually the first REAL time doing your own thing.

If you’re not doing it already, it’s a time to keep everything in order, do your fair share of housework (even if it’s just tidying your own space and washing your own dishes), and managing your time reasonably so you can work, socialise, eat, and sleep!

– Don’t Take Things That Aren’t Yours
So the cliché of taking ‘For Sale’ signs and traffic cones after a few drinks is still apparent. Naughty, naughty!

– Say You’re Sorry When You Hurt Somebody
If you do end up in a difficult situation through those frayed tempers, be prepared to get it sorted. An apology is not difficult, but a stubborn attitude causes the belief that it is. Get off your high horse and SAY SORRY. And mean it!

– Take A Nap Every Afternoon
With so much going on, it’s not unreasonable to give yourself a break. Invest in a power nap so you can carry on and make the most of the nights out too!