I’m still here. And with some more overheard comments…

Thank you (photo by kikashi)

Thank you (photo by kikashi)

Thanks for bearing with me while I’ve been ill. And thank you for the kind comments both on and off this site. But sorry I haven’t been able to post.

Although it looks like I took the right week to be ill and not post much…

Strangely, I’ve just logged back on to WordPress for the first time in a couple of days and noticed a huge skyrocket in people visiting the site. It appears one of my articles is being found through StumbleUpon. So my thanks go out to whoever put my link there. I might have to log on and see if I can find out who it was to thank them personally.

It might be Friday night, but I wanted to give a small update and explain that I am still here. Bear with me!

Looks like things should return to normal for next week’s posts and I might just keep you updated on things over the weekend. It’s just great to feel close to normal again. In the health sense, at least!

As a special treat, I’ll tell you a few things I overheard when walking around the campus where I work. I’m convinced that it’s possible to overhear enough stuff to fill several books if you hang around for a couple of days on a campus. I’m sure any campus would do. And from what some of you have told me, you frequently hear all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff.

Well, here are three things I overheard on the one day I was actually in work this week:

1. “I’m sweating my tits off and I need a beer. You probably won’t see me tonight.” – spoken at 9.45am! I presume the two sentences were unrelated, but I kinda hope they weren’t! Not that I’m promoting excessive drinking or anything…mumble, mumble…

2. A girl was crying. She was sat on a step and shouting unhappily at a man standing one or two yards away. “Why do you keep buying me all these presents? It’s not even my birthday. Why do you do this to me?”

The man tries to speak. He got as far as “…” when she started again with, “I can’t take this kind of relationship!”

People nearby looked scared and stepped slightly further away than they needed. [Okay, that bit’s a slight exaggeration for effect, but still…]

I thought presents were usually pretty good to receive. Maybe he was just rubbish at buying gifts.

3. A girl walks past a guy. They both acknowledge each other. As they walk on, the girl stops, turns around, and calls to the guy, “I’m really hard for you. Downstairs…you know what I mean?” and then she laughed. The guy smiled and looked a little confused, saying only “See you later” and walking off again.

I wonder what she DID mean. I think he does too!

If you’re lucky, I might just pop by once more during the weekend as a treat and let you know a couple of the childish things I said on purpose to confuse members of the public when I was in town with friends. I was a cheeky so and so, was I.