I thought I’d take the plunge and go all posh on you. From today, this blog is now accessible from the usual address (, but also from the following:

I’ve got my fingers crossed that everything will cross over smoothly and work in roughly the same way it already was. If you have the blog set up on an RSS reader, I hope you don’t need to make any changes. Please leave a comment if you’re having any difficulty with any aspect of the change and I’ll see if I can iron out the issues.

I don’t know what Google’s search engine will make of this, but hopefully I won’t lose sight of the many people who have stumbled across this site when searching. TheUniversityBlog gets a regular daily flow of visitors to the site, arriving mainly from searches about writing essays, coping with long-distance relationships, and getting to sleep (or staying awake). So hopefully we won’t have to miss them while things sort themselves out!

Anyway, welcome to and let’s raise a glass to the future!


  1. Good choice on selecting a domain name and not hosting your blog on the wordpress subdomain.
    Haven’t experienced any probs on RSS or on the re-direct from the .wordpress account to Would say it’s best to implement a 301 re-direct if this isn’t what you’ve done already.


  2. Thanks, Nick. While I wasn’t sure how to implement a 301 redirect through WordPress, it looks like things are sorting themselves out without any hassle. Google is already picking up the new addresses, so let’s hope I can leave it at that.

    Thanks for mentioning the redirect stuff, though. I’ll remember it for future reference, because I didn’t know anything about that.

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