What’s the M Matter? – Part 1

This week, I’m starting with a two-part series.  The series is brought to you by the letter M.  Five M’s that matter today, another five tomorrow.

I’m tempted to do the whole alphabet, but we’ll see…Anyway, what matters for students?

However taxing a task, however dull a duty, however awful an assignment…you can succeed when you’re motivated to do it.

  • Set out rewards for yourself
  • Prepare clear goals and tick them off when you’re done
  • Focus on your mental attitude and MAKE your time enjoyable
  • JUST DO IT! Dwelling on how terrible the job is just makes things worse. Procrastination feels good at first, but it doesn’t solve anything. Once a job is done, it’s done. Getting it out of the way is a great feeling, especially when most other people around you won’t have got their work out of the way!

When you get that wonderful money deposited into your account, do you get the urge to spend it? Do products suddenly become more easily affordable in the short term?

This might be the first time you’re used to seeing such amounts of money available to you. So instead of going mad on purchases, step back and make sure you realise where that money needs to go.

You’ve got rent, fees, books, stationery, (the occasional) drinks, food, phone bills, other utility bills (if you’re not on campus), and probably other things that you have no choice but to pay up for.

DO Budget
DON’T impulse buy
DO consider purchases carefully
DON’T think about what others are doing with their money
DON’T listen to peer pressure about what to do (and if you can’t afford a round of drinks, don’t get involved in having drinks bought for you in a round…being upfront is not a crime)

For all those crazy students who never seem to stop having fun, there are students who want to knuckle down on the work and ignore all the other aspects of university life.

Having a few mad moments should add to your experience and open you up to even more happiness. If you don’t have that work/life balance due to excessive study, it’s just as bad as those people who never seem to do any work.

ME ME ME Matters
It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Pamper yourself, consider yourself, love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others? If you don’t care about your own interests, how can you achieve the grades and experience that is right for you?

You might think about yourself more than anyone else, but you have to go a little bit further and be happy in your own shoes. Because you’re not in anyone else’s, are you?

Excitement is a boon to student life. Always finding something different can spice things up no end. Constantly changing your focus can expose you to goodness knows how many different situations.

But deep down, we all crave routine and recognisable scenarios just as much as we want a difference.

Never neglect the mundane issues. If you don’t keep on top of these little things that happen every day/week/month, there’s a danger of losing all focus. In the end, you face a confusion of ideas that all lead to nothing.

By all means add some variety to what you do, but don’t go overboard. Just remember, the sea can drown you just as easily as it can take you on a cruise and ride the surfing waves…

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