EduLinks – Random Links of Note

And after such a long post today, I’m spoiling you with a pretty large helping of EduLinks. Call it some extended weekend reading perhaps!

Andy Warhol - Che Guevara

The First Post – Che Guevara: The Smoking Gun [40 years on, knowing the story behind the iconic picture that adorns many student posters and t-shirts.]

The Register – Facebook ‘friend request’ lands UK man in jail [Just you be careful who you ask to be friends with.]

The Independent – OK computer: Why the record industry is terrified of Radiohead’s new album [I haven’t decided how much I’ll be paying for the album yet…] – The Real World [University innovation program – “Forget the elaborate business plans. Kids with passion are our next great entrepreneurs.”]

International Herald Tribune – Software developers flood Facebook with applications

Guardian – Parents work harder to meet university costs [selfish bloody students…]

Slate – An eater’s guide to PRETZELS [Yum.]

New Scientist Technology Blog – What are Facebook friends worth? [About £125.]

43 Folders – Concentration Strategies for students

Ririan Project – 22 Research-Proven Tips for Better Memory – 10 Ways to Make Your Study Sessions More Productive

Web Worker Daily – 4 Task List Antipatterns [Wonderful tips on sorting out your task list once and for all.] – 15 Tips for Surviving a Task Explosion [Suddenly have loads on your plate. Did it creep up behind you and bite you on the bum? This’ll help put things back into place.] – Advice for students: N’allez pas trop vite […Don’t go too fast.]