EduLinks – Random Links of Note

Sorry about Friday’s lack of EduLinks.  Naughty me!

New Scientist – Why Women Like a Flirt [Let’s all go people watching!  How many people will you see flirting tonight?]

BBC News – Freshers’ Week: It’s a fine art [University is not all about drinking and then getting a good degree pass. Here’s how one university (Goldsmiths, University of London) is promoting that.]

TimesOnline – Quick course in costbusting [Shopping around, student style]

Independent – Some extra brass for empty pockets [Should you be getting a bursary?]

Guardian Higher – Time Bomb: Students in Europe are getting far more hours of tuition than those in the UK [We do less time over here than our European counterparts…does it matter or make a difference?]

New Statesman – No model for girls [There is now evidence that media images of size zero models and thin celebs are having a direct effect on the well-being of teenagers…]

Telegraph – Wine helps you remember [So that’s why we’re so good at what we do…]

International Herald Tribune – Fees are cut for access to Financial Times online [Later this month, you’ll be able to access articles from the FT for free.  5 without registering, 30 a month after a simple registration, then you must pay.  Still, it’s good for research purposes and the occassional interesting student article, for instance.]

Zen Habits – How to use mini-meditations to relax and mind focus [a good link with helpful advice that relates a bit to my post ‘Do something new today – Do nothing!‘]