Do Something New Today – Do Nothing!

You know what?  I’ve come to the conclusion that the weekend might not be enough.

No, I’m not promoting bad practice with your studies.  I’m just suggesting some time aside to clear your mind.

Go on, let things go.  Take the time to feel some calm reflection.  Make it ten minutes, half an hour, even a couple of hours.  Whatever gives you an opportunity to escape from the seemingly non-stop flavour of full-on life.

Do you set aside any time each week to immerse yourself in a bubble of quiet and honest goodness?  Is a corner of your mind locked away from the busy rush of the everyday stresses and strains, ready to transport you into calm?

If not, now is the time to promise yourself a few moments of bliss.  Forget the rush and let silence pierce your mind.  Close your eyes and go to a place of nothing but peace and quiet.  Remind yourself to go back there on a regular basis.

Whether it’s meditation, spiritual relaxation, happy resting, or peaceful release and reflection, it can work wonders on your outlook.

There are no rules here.  Just an overwhelming desire to let go of everything.  Like a powernap, this is a powerrelax of sorts.  The only thing to focus on is absolutely no focus at all.

There…that’s better.

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