Campus Chatter & Where I’ve Been

Well, my apologies for not having posted something yesterday. I won’t bore you with the detail, but there are a lot of developments. I must set posts in advance to avoid gaps. I’m on it, so bear with me!

I happened to be on a uni campus yesterday. Campus is always a great place for hearing all sorts of strange comments. So to make up for the lack of posting (that’s a slight exaggeration I suppose!), here are the three best things I overheard:


[on a mobile phone] “You really are blind, you blind idiot…No, you can see me from here, you’re walking right at me. I’m not even gonna wave coz you’re so blind…No I won’t coz I’d look a tit and I don’t want to look like you.”


“…I mean it didn’t even make sense. How do you steal a whole Student Union? Brick by brick?”


“Yeah, see you in a minute. Stay cute while I’m gone!”

I wasn’t on campus for very long at all and still enjoyed these. But if you ever have an hour or so to kill on campus and the weather’s good, try sitting outside where lots of people walk past. You’re bound to hear all sorts of crazy stuff. It’s great for inspiration on creative writing, performing arts, and the like.

Then again, if my time at uni was anything to go by, you’ll be hearing bizarre comments from your mates all day, every day. That’s part of the fun. My advice would be to write down all these as quotes, because you never know when they’ll come in useful for the future.


  1. Totally agree, I tend to take a seat in a uni library to get some inspiration for what to talk about on my blog. It truly doesn’t matter, I just end up scribbling possible titles for over an hour. After that I have a good line up for the next few months.
    Great blog btw.

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