Wandering to Whatever (via Wolfram): EduLinks & New Tumblelog

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, I’m changing the way I do some things around here (for the better!).  One change is that I’ll be posting EduLinks and making short comments of note to a new Tumblelog for TheUniversityBlog.

Take a look and see.  Whether it’s about making slow decisions, creating sexy brands, or smelling fear , I hope to let you know about all sorts.  If you want to see any particular type of links featured, let me know.

That means today will be the final old-skool set of EduLinks posted here.  But fear not!  I will still compile a regular “Best of…” post here to cover what I’ve been adding to the Tumblelog (http://universityboy.tumblr.com).

Now, on with the last EduLinks of this kind.  Enjoy!


Economist – Encouraging Competitiveness – Researchers have found that people compete better in smaller groups.  Completing a test with 10 people makes average test scores higher than those completing a test with 100 people.  So next time you’re up against 10,000 people, imagine you’re up against 10 to try getting a bit more out of yourself!

EduChoices – 20 Twitter Tips for New Grads and Entrepreneurs – Twitter is apparently being used most by those in their late 20s and older at the moment.  Whether or not the balance changes considerably in the near future, Melissa Kahney has produced some quality suggestions to help recent graduates find new opportunities and network effectively.  Now is the time to strike!

Digital Ethnography – Toward a New Future of “Whatever” – The ever-brilliant Michael Wesch talks of “Meh” and “Generation Me” to describe why education currently brings in many bored faces, while “American Idol” auditions bring in passionate outbursts.  Professor Wesch hopes the colourful history of the word “Whatever” can add a new definition of hope.  Whatever it takes…

Chronicle Wired Campus – Students May Not Be as Software Savvy as They Think, Study Says – An American university has found that students tend to overestimate their skill level when it comes to Microsoft Office applications.  How accomplished do you think you are?

Britannica Blog – Neuroeconomics: Studying How We Make Decisions – This post explains how we sometimes offload the burden of making decisions onto others.  We might think all our decisions are our own, but the brain seems to suggest otherwise.

BBC – Using speech-writing techniques to win – This article from the BBC News Magazine asks, “Can speech-writing teach us skills for dealing with tricky situations in everyday life?”  It is a great piece for help on writing speeches and generally understanding how to get a good reaction.  Tried and tested techniques abound.

Psychology Today – Wandering Into the Innovation Economy – Worried about the recession?  Not sure what’s going to happen after you graduate?  Just let your mind wander and take control of the ideas that come to you.  One of those ideas may be what you need to change the world and find massive success while you’re at it.

Academic Productivity – 10 tips to harness the hidden potential of Wolfram Alpha – Now the hype has started to die down, Wolfram Alpha has emerged as a great tool for specific uses and functions.  It is not a ‘Google-killer’ because it serves a very different purpose.  Wolfram Alpha is definitely a site to remember, and Academic Productivity some of the wonderful ways you can use the powerful computational data on offer.