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One Thing to Install, One Thing to Delete – TUB-Thump 025


Episode 025 of TUB-Thump is a head’s up to a great tip from Brian Johnson.

If you’ve not heard of Brian, he’s on a mission to help people change the world through optimal living, which is “integrating ancient wisdom + modern science + common sense + virtue + mastery + fun”.

The tip I refer to is one that I’ve never considered in quite this way. Perhaps it’ll resonate with you too.


“Any time that I’m feeling less than optimal, this is what I come back to. What one thing do I need to start doing, and what one thing do I need to stop doing to take it to the next level?” – Brian Johnson

You should check out his other videos too. Lots to explore!

Here are the show notes for the 4-min episode:

  • Brian Johnson’s site, Optimize.
  • Below is the video where Brian briefly talks about adding one thing to his schedule and removing another thing:

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