Learning Always

Learning, Consistency, and the Creative’s Curse

I’ve just realised that I didn’t post here on TUB about the start of my third (and final…so far) audio show…”Learning, Always”.


Today sees Episode 003 of the podcast online, where I interview author and overall fab person, Todd Brison.

We discuss:

  • The Creative’s Curse.
  • How to develop a creative process that works for you.
  • The power of consistency.
  • The importance of being inspired by others, but then finding your own take on things.
  • Why you don’t need to know absolutely everything before you start a creative project.
  • And much more…

Check out more from Todd Brison on his site, in his book, and over at Medium.

Full shownotes, links, and timestamps are available on learningalways.co.uk.

Mind Your Higher Ed Launches – New Audio Show

Introducing the next audio show in the “Learning Always Network”.


Mind Your Higher Ed (or MYHE for short) features informal, yet informative discussions with people working in and around higher education. The aim is to help listeners understand the many different facets of the university and get to know some of the amazing people who #LoveHE.

I’ve just released the first two episodes. The first introduces the show and the MYHE Manifesto.

The second episode is an interview with Dr. Paul Greatrix, Registrar at the University of Nottingham. Well worth a listen!

The show is not so much aimed at students, so I won’t be mentioning MYHE on TheUniversityBlog so much.

If you do want to keep up to date with the show, check out the evolving (currently basic) site at learningalways.co.uk.

I’ll also announce new episodes through my Twitter account and I will also get the show added to iTunes and the various podcast apps shortly.