Find a Calm Time For Nothing: TUB-Thump 006



Today’s episode of TUB-Thump is about nothing.

After Monday’s longer episode on essays, you deserve a bit of a break.

Why not make that break a habit?

Because this isn’t just downtime; this is a chance for you to zone out of the continued barrage of ALL THE THINGS. It only takes a few minutes.

Here are the show notes for the 4-min episode:

  • Five minutes to reflect. A time to do nothing and get away from it all. (01:00)
  • Make it a daily practice. It doesn’t matter how long you do it for. Those five minutes could turn into half an hour. What matters is making it a regular habit. (02:00)
  • There are no rules. Just a bit of nothing. You could call it a “power-relax”. (02:30)

Music for TUB-Thump is Life, by Tobu, which is released under a Creative Commons license. Check out more of Tobu’s great sounds on Soundcloud, YouTube, and his official site.

TUB-Thump is part of the Learning Always Network.

Keep being awesome!