Believe in yourself

Facebook doesn’t equal worse grades.  It doesn’t equal better grades either, for that matter.  Facebook is a tool that you can make use of in any way you please.

It’s the way you choose to interact with a tool that helps shape your future.

Photo by Randy McKown

You’ll have noticed that I have spent some time away from TheUniversityBlog and my Twitter account (and other online services).  I could have worried about the decision and seen it in negative terms after having read about the dangers of getting off the Web2.0 rollercoaster.  I could have panicked about losing subscribers and followers, creating mountains out of molehills.

But I listened to myself, took responsibility for my actions, and made a decision that was best for me (selfish, but hopefully for the best).  While I missed working on the blog and keeping in touch with everyone online, I knew that I would be coming back both happy to communicate with you on all aspects HE and ready to re-engage with the tools that make it happen.  Thanks for sticking with me!

I wanted to write today simply to mention that you needn’t worry what others suggest when it comes to your own life.  You may have heard in the news about a study looking at Facebook usage and exam grades.  A lot of reports mentioned a clear link between heavy Facebook use and lower grades.  However, the academic study didn’t set it out that way. Turns out that Facebook usage doesn’t suddenly screw your life up and result in lower grades.  Unless, of course, you choose that destination…