Do you ‘Hansardize’ or ‘Gove’? Unheard Words & applying them to uni life

The BBC has reported on Ammon Shea, the man who spent a year reading the entire Oxford English Dictionary from cover to cover.  That’s all 20 volumes of the OED and he really went from A to Z.

The article mentions a good number of interesting words as it documents Shea’s feat.  What caught my eye especially was Shea’s list of 10 favourite words after his mammoth read.

Here is how I would put his favourite words in context of university life:

Cachinnatorone who laughs too much or too loudly
Most of us after a night in town with loads of mates and too many drinks.

Dyspathythe opposite of sympathy
“You left the essay until the last minute, did terribly, but wasn’t allowed an extension.  Well, boo hoo you!”

Goveto stare stupidly
Those annoying lads who stand at the side of the dancefloor, ogling the girls.  Seriously, it’s more fun if you actually interact!

Hansardizeto change one’s opinion
Frequently occurs mid-essay, rudely interrupting your flow.

Happifyto make happy
Just turning up guarantees me a pass!?  Yay!

The tired seats in the lecture halls.

Pejoristone who thinks the world is getting worse
The work is piling up, my girlfriend isn’t speaking to me any more (just because of a stupid drunken kiss, nothing worse…I can’t even remember her name), I can’t find the right references for my coursework, all the recommended books are already taken out by other students, I don’t have enough money to go out, my best jeans have a strange stain that won’t come out in the wash, and my housemate has found the ability to turn the sound of his music up to ’11’ when I haven’t had enough sleep.  I blame everyone except myself.

Philodoxone who is in love with his own opinion
The lecturer who won’t stop talking, who keeps plugging their own books, who regards their own theories as ‘facts’, and who doesn’t have time to actually help you get the grade.

Secretaryone who is privy to a secret
The friendly student who likes to listen and who seems to be up at all hours of the day.  You need someone to talk to at 3am, no problem.  Door’s always open!  …but how far do you trust them?

Tripudiateto dance, skip or leap for joy
A First!?  That paper got me a First!?  Woo woo woo woo woo!  Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeelebrate good times, c’mon! Yeeeee haaaaa!!  […and so on.]

What ‘university’ definitions would you give for any of these words?  And how would you put a university context to remord (to recall with a touch of regret), fubsy (short and stout) and assy (behaving like an ass)?