Which uni is best for sport? You may be surprised…

Those of you who want to be at a university with great results in competitive sports…step right up!

The Complete University Guide has released tables for those institutions with best results in competitive sport.  The Independent also gives the lowdown.  The top 10 universities are:

  1. Loughborough
  2. Bath
  3. Birmingham
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Nottingham
  6. Durham
  7. University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
  8. Oxford
  9. Newcastle
  10. Exeter

Those universities not listed here may still have good sporting facilities.  For instance, the Indpendent’s report does give the University of East Anglia a mention for having a splendid reputation in providing all students with fantastic sports facilities.  So if you’re more of a casual sporty-type, you’ll have plenty to get your teeth into at UEA.

Sport is never the only reason for going to university, obviously…but if it’s a passion or a strength, the better facilities and competitive practices may be worth a lot to you.  After all, you’re planning on being there for several years!

A table like this just adds to the billions of other tables out there, but I’m happy to point this one out to prospective students, because it may be the ‘make-or-break’ table for those of you unable to decide between two or three equally appetising institutions.