EduLinks – Bad Habits, Problem Solving, Social Media…Oh, and an Election

Time for another dose of EduLinks.  Happy weekend reading.


President-Elect Obama:

I hear there’s been an election in the US.  That was kept quiet…

Justin Wise writes at Brazen Careerist that Obama “mobilized younger voters to actually show up at the polls”.  Now Obama is in, a lot of young adults are very hopeful of what’s to come.  As the Chronicle shows, online social media continues to give a hearty shout out of support to Obama.  Here’s to the future!

Joongel – Internet Search Portal

This is one of the better search collaboration sites I’ve come across.  It’s not perfect, but as a basic research tool, it goes miles further than Google alone.  I stress the word ‘basic’ though, because it’s not an academic search portal.  Good for most stuff, though.  It goes through a wealth of sites, with the following categories:

Images; Music; Videos; Shopping; Social; Q&A; Health; Torrents; Gossip; Cooking; Analytics; Local; Finance; Jobs; Property; Dictionary; Reference; News; Family; Movies; Blogs; Tech; General

Bear in mind that Joongel is currently focused on the US, so some categories won’t be much use in the UK (such as Jobs, Local, Shopping, etc.).  Joongel say that they are working on collaborations around the world, so it may not be long before a UK version crops up.  Fingers crossed.

Zen Habits – The 7 Keys to Turning Bad Habits Into Good Habits

We usually know when we’ve got a bad habit.  The problem is getting away from them.  There may come a time when you want to try snapping out of unhelpful habitual routines.  When that time comes along, let Zen Habits help ease you into a much happier way of life.

Leo explains, even if you slip up once, then twice, then seven time…don’t give up!  He speaks from experience too.

Bangor TV @ University of Bangor

It may not be interactive, but Bangor TV is a growing set of videos to whet the appetite of prospective students to the university.  I hope the output also boosts the engagement of current students and perhaps even allow them to give honest accounts of life at Bangor.

No university can offer 100% delight and it’s great for prospective students to hear from like-minded people already living a uni lifestyle, so I hope the UK can one day see their own version of Unigo, which is proving successful in the US.

Litemind – Einstein’s Secret to Amazing Problem Solving (and 10 Specific Ways You Can Use It)

If you can clearly define the problem, the solution is in easy reach.  The key to solving a problem seems to be to enjoy the problem.  Luciano has done a great job in highlighting ten problem-solving techniques that we’d all be wise to keep in mind when trying to figure out what’s going on.

Converstations – Social Media Success Plan for Beginners: 6 Hours for 6 Weeks

It doesn’t take long to move beyond Facebook and add a whole new dimension to your online being.  Mike at Converstations urges you to spend six hours for six weeks, building up a blogging, reading, twittering, social media machine.  It’s definitely worth it.  And I suggest you read the comments too.  For instance, Mike adds that a person who is bright-eyed and open-minded about social media should start on blogging, but a closed-minded and doubtful person should begin their quest with RSS feed reading.

Twitter How-to Links:

I use Twitter a bit.  On and off.  Not as much as I probably should.  Nevertheless, Twitter is a great tool and it’s growing in popularity.  If you’ve heard of it, but haven’t got as far as jumping in and joining the 140-character message bandwagon, these links make the process as simple as possible.  You can follow me at and see if I get any better at posting!